The Toddler program is for children ages 21 months to 39 months with a maximum of 12 children per class. The program runs as follows:

All classes run from 9:15 am to 2:30 pm, starting in September and ending in June.

Activities Provided

The Toddler program provides a supportive early education and intervention environment. It aims to support the development of:
Sensory -motor abilities
Gross and fine motor coordination
Social and self-help skills

Toddlers will be able to experience various art and craft activities, circle time which consists of singing songs, doing action songs and dances, and a story. The children will have free play where they can play in various centers and experience learning through play and develop socialization skills.

Supplies Needed:

Parents are required to supply:
Their own child's (nut-free) lunch, snacks & beverage
A complete change of clothes
2 diapers, if their toddler is in diapers
2-3 changes of underwear and outer clothing if the child is toilet training
A pair of labelled indoor shoes