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Spectrum Adult Services


kcs Association has served children and youth with developmental disabilities and their families since the early 1980's. In the past few years parents began to express concerns for the future of their sons and daughters as they moved towards adulthood. Their concerns focused on the desire for their sons and daughters to remain in the community and for them to have a quality life based on work, community involvement and meaningful relationships.

In response to these concerns kcs held a number of conversations with PDD Central Region, service providers, community members, and families. Research was carried out about different service models/frameworks in the service of adults with developmental disabilities. After much discussion and pondering, kcs applied to provide services for adults with developmental disabilities. On June 18, 2010, kcs was approved as a service provider under the PDD Central Region Community Board.

Spectrum Adult Services

Reflecting on the many years of accompanying these individuals and their families, resonance was found in the 'Optimal Individualized Services Design' framework by Michael Kendrick. Discussion with youth and their parents led to the name for this 'framework' for service - 'Spectrum Adult Services.'

As our sons and daughters grow we work to help give them the light, a torch to carry into the future, that they can use to help guide them and help them to discover a variety of options that will give them the basis for a quality life. However with those with developmental disabilities, we must continue to walk with them holding the light for them. We then intentionally shine the light on each aspect of their hopes, dreams, desires - like a light passing through a prism providing for them a spectrum of colorful options that they would otherwise not see or be able to explore. From this we support them in their choices to build a full and meaningful life.

Together, using the Principles as a guide, Spectrum Adult Services, persons with developmental disabilities and their supporters, will walk forward in an interdependent relationship to build quality lives.

For more information contact:
kcs Association
4725 - 43 St
Sylvan Lake, AB T4S 1M3
Phone 403-887-5330
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