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kcs Association provides a variety of programs and services to children, youth, adults and their families. Serving Sylvan Lake and the surrounding communities since 1978, kcs Association is staffed by a skilled & dedicated team of professionals. Together with parents, volunteers, community members and agencies, kcs Association supports the growth and development of all children, youth and adults.



A community strengthened through achievements of its members of all abilities.



To meet the individual needs of children, youth, adults, and their families through collaborative partnerships, quality supports & services and by maintaining a skilled & dedicated team of professionals.



We believe in:

  • The uniqueness and dignity of each person

  • The inclusion of each person with their own unique gifts & capabilities

  • Supporting the person as an individual & the family as a whole

  • Fostering connections of each person and their family with resources in the community

  • Working with each person, their families and social networks to ensure safety and wellbeing

  • Recognizing & appreciating the efforts of each person, their supporters and staff

  • Teamwork & the importance of good communication

  • Fun, laughter & play as the essential ingredients to positive learning & enhanced self- esteem

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